Keep the flow

an European water project


The project will focus on water.

It is one of the most valuable resources in Europe that supports all ecosystems and is of central importance to each country’s curriculum.


There is a need for renewable energy, sustainable aquaculture and agriculture.

In schools and the home there are many possibilities of saving energy, water and other resources by making small changes.


     As a first step students will install aquariums in each school and take on responsibility for the living organisms by cleaning the water, measuring chemical components and feeding and observing fish and plants. This will raise the profile of the project and encourage wider participation.

    As a second step students will help to improve aquatic habitats in each visited country, this collaborative approach will help to build international relationships and promote sustainability. Local water pollution will be measured and students will talk to local authorities and experts to discuss their findings. They will also learn about different water sanitation, filtration and irrigation systems, create a hydroponic garden and create a campaign that can promote sustainable water useage in their communities. Leaflets will be made to publicise how small changes in behaviour can have big impacts on the environment.

    Students will be shown how local industrial areas have be regenerated to improve natural ecosystems and habitats . Our scientific research methods will be collected and published to raise awareness in other schools and we will provide online information and bilingual material on CD for ecological lessons based on water.